Staff Prove They ARE The Type To Save Lives

14th June 2016

Here at Swanstaff we love doing our bit raising awareness of charities and causes, but when we sent out a companywide appeal to staff to make a blood donation in aid of World Blood Donor Day on 14th June 2016 we could never have expected the amazing response we’d get.

As a national recruitment agency with 17 branches nationwide, we had huge reach to employees all over the UK. Our staff love to make a difference and help those in need so we were confident that the idea of potentially saving lives would be a good motivator and launched our “Are You The (Blood) Type To Save A Life” blood drive campaign.

1 in 5 people entering a hospital need blood, so donors are in constant demand.  Patients with cancer, victims of accidents, and those undergoing surgery are just some of the recipients who may benefit from the donations made by Swanstaff employees.

Ellie Lewis, Marketing Manager at Swanstaff said “I think the most shocking thing was realising that by giving half an hour of my time and one pint of blood, I had the potential to save up to three lives. Ten of the staff from head office went along to donate, which means we potentially saved thirty lives between us.”

ellie and amy give blood.png

CEO Steve Rogers said, “Here at Swanstaff we are passionate about doing our bit for charities and causes in any way that we can. I am so proud of all the staff who took the time to donate or raise awareness of this cause.”

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