C_n Sw_nst_ff s_ve lives? 'Missing Type' Campaign Asks For Blood Donations

19th August 2016

Letters are disappearing from signs, landmarks and company logos as part of a global campaign to encourage people to donate blood.

The campaign was launched by NHS Blood and Transplant Group, who asked people to drop three letters — A, O and B — from their names. These letters highlight the main blood types in danger of going missing due to low blood donation levels.

Following on from our Swanstaff blood drive back in March we have transformed our logo to highlight the missing blood types.

1 in 5 people entering a hospital need blood, so donors are in constant demand.  Patients with cancer, victims of accidents, and those undergoing surgery are just some of the recipients who may benefit from the donations made by Swanstaff employees.

Some of our staff have donated again since the blood drive.

Ellie Lewis, Marketing Manager, donated again last week and said: “Donating is so simple and easy. It only takes half an hour out of my day and it can save a life. I even get a text to say when my blood is being used. It’s such a sense of achievement.”

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